Neuroscience & Psychiatry

  Feb 19-20, 2024

  Dubai, UAE

  +91 6302591260  

Visa Information

Annual Meeting on Neuroscience & Psychiatry will provide an Official letter of Invitation which one can include with a visa application for participating in the event.

  • For presenters, we will process the letter of Invitation only after accepting your paper, and registration confirmation

  • For Delegates/Students, we will process the letter of Invitation after successful completion of registration

    Before processing the letter of invitation, we need the following details:

  • Name as it appears on your submitted paper & passport

  • Your current mailing address

  • Your working details

  • Mention the type of participation- Speaker (Oral or Poster) or a Delegate

    Neuroscience & Psychiatry conference is not able to provide any kind of financial support to event participants like flight ticket, road transportation, hotel, meals, insurance, illness or any other event-related expenses should be covered by participants.

    We, the organizers cannot process your visa application. However, we will provide you with supporting documents like Letter of Invitation & Registration confirmation. These can be useful for your visa processing.

    Neuroscience & Psychiatry conference will not send or call to embassies or visa officers regarding your visa application

    For visa information, including required documentation and fees, can be found on the respective country embassy website

    For any assistance, email to